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Does anyone have images of early Series Production drivers such as Murray Carter, Tom Roddy,  Denis O'Brien, Nick Petrilli, Bo Seton, Brian Reed, Laurie Nelson, Bruce McPhee, Richard Knight (the Stillwell GTHO), Bob Morris, Colin Bond, Digby Cooke, Bill Tuckey, Fred Gibson, the Geoghegans and who could forget John Goss ? !  Of course photos of Norm Beechey's Pacers, Charger and GTHO and Bryan Thomson's Alfa's would be most welcome !

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1979 Bathurst 1000 Peter Brock Torana A9X.jpg 1979 Bathurst 1000.jpg (26440 bytes)
A79_Bathurst_GT_Prototype_copy_web.jpg (17635 bytes) A79_Bathurst_Gricey_copy_Alfredo_Costanzo_web.jpg (19917 bytes) A79_Bathurst_Allan_Grice_copy_web.jpg (26994 bytes) A79_Bathurst_Grice_2_copy_John_Harvey_web.jpg (26107 bytes) A79_Bathurst_Golf_copy_Chris_Heyer_web.jpg (14264 bytes) A79_Bathurst_Moffat_copy_Dick_Barbour_web.jpg (29022 bytes)
A79_Bathurst_Falcon_copy__John_Goss_web.jpg (29773 bytes) A79_Bathurst_Ford_copy__Murray_Carter_web.jpg (20045 bytes)
  1979 Bathurst Bob Forbes Chaennel 9 Camaro.jpg (24567 bytes)

1979 Bathurst 1000 Scott Walton Celica.jpg (18358 bytes) 1979 Bathurst Laurie Nelson Tony Farrell Capri.jpg (17674 bytes)

These images from the 1979 Bathurst 1000 were sent by Arthur Garner.  Thanks Arthur. 6/7/03

Jim_McKeown_Symmons_Plains_ATCC_1-3-71_ (20495 bytes) Jane_and_Moffat_Symmons_Plains_ATCC_1-3-71_ (25160 bytes) Jim_McKeown_Symmons_Plains_ATCC_1-3-71_(14838 bytes) Jane_and_Geoghegan__Symmons_Plains_Saturday_28-2-71_web.jpg (23260 bytes) Ian_Geoghegan_Symmons_Plains_Saturday_28-2-71_ (11725 bytes) John_Harvey_Symmons_Plains_Saturday_28-2-71_ (27176 bytes) John_Harvey_Symmons_Plains_Saturday_28-2-71_ (20628 bytes)

Bob_Jane_1__Symmons_Plains_Saturday_28-2-71_ (21665 bytes) Bob_Jane_Symmons_Plains_Saturday_28-2-71_ (21130 bytes) Allan_Moffat__Symmons_Plains_ATCC_1-3-71_ (28578 bytes) McKeown_Geoghegan_ATCC_Symmons_Plains_1-3-71_(28866 bytes) Ian_Geoghegan_pits_Symmons_Plains_Saturday_28-2-71 (16316 bytes) Harvey_Allan_Calvert_Wigston_Bessant_S_Plains_28-2-71_ (23599 bytes) Geoghegan_and_Terry_Allan__Symmons_Plains_1-3-71_ (17285 bytes)Jane_and_Moffat__Symmons_Plains_ATCC_1-3-71_ (34114 bytes) Bob_Jane_Camaro__Symmons_Plains_Saturday_28-2-71_ (18311 bytes) Allan_Moffat_Symmons_Plains_6-3-72_ (22218 bytes) Allan_Moffat_Symmons_Plains_6-3-72_ (27540 bytes) Graham Ritter and Escort at Symmons Plains 1-3-71  (28260 bytes) John_Harvey_Symmons_Plains_16-11-69_ (24390 bytes)

  David Bantoft sent these slides to be scanned. Thanks David.  23/5/03 

Lilse's Mini 1971 web.jpg (22549 bytes) hurney's Welsor 1975 web.jpg (14782 bytes) Grigsby's Haggis 1975 web.jpg (31403 bytes)
  These images contributed by Rob Hagarty, who will be sending more later.  Thanks Rob. 20/5/03 
leo web.jpg (13034 bytes) hunt web.jpg (14696 bytes) Bill Fanning web.jpg (14684 bytes)
12/3/03 Greg Flood contributed the pics above
Ken Shirvington March web.jpg (13455 bytes) Dean Hosking Birrana web.jpg (14129 bytes) McCormack McKeown Goss  at Oran Park 1974 web.jpg (15959 bytes) Graeme Moore Cortina V8 S Sedan Oran Park 1974 web.jpg (15660 bytes) Graeme Lawrence Lola T332 at Oran Park 1974 web.jpg (16549 bytes) Topless John Walker Lola T330 at Oran Park 1974 web.jpg (17948 bytes) Kevin Bartlett Lola T332 at Oran Park 1974 web.jpg (14902 bytes) John Goss Matich A52 first drive Oran Park 1974 web.jpg (16217 bytes) Jon Davison Matich A50 at Oran Park 1974 web.jpg (19674 bytes) John Goss Falcon Sports Sedan  at Oran Park 1974 web.jpg (17731 bytes) John Sheppard Geoghegan Porsche Oran Park 1974 web.jpg (23207 bytes) Colin Bond at Oran Park 1973 (13055 bytes) Bill Brown and John Bassett Oran Park 1973 (17901 bytes) Tasman Series grid at Warwick Farm 11-2-73 (29500 bytes)  Warwick_Farm_F5000_11-2-73_a_web.jpg (21346 bytes) Sports_Sedans__Oran_Park_1973_web.jpg (19510 bytes) Leo Geoghegan  Oran Park 1973 web.jpg (15318 bytes) Warwick Farm 11-2-73 a web.jpg (30470 bytes) Warwick_Farm_11-2-73_c_web.jpg (30894 bytes) Warwick_Farm_11-2-73_b_web.jpg (21661 bytes) John_Harvey__Oran_Park_1973_web.jpg (16030 bytes)
3/3/03  These colour pics above supplied by Steve Skane
NICK PETRELLI.jpg (24891 bytes) NICK PETRELLI2.jpg (22636 bytes) CAR7 web.jpg (16141 bytes) CAR10 web.jpg (17306 bytes) TORANA 1976 web.jpg (18760 bytes) MONARO web.jpg (20229 bytes)
The images above contributed by Dave Hunter
DCP_1042 web.jpg (17781 bytes) DCP_1041 web.jpg (16423 bytes) DCP_1034 web.jpg (15741 bytes) DCP_1024 web.jpg (13371 bytes) DCP_1017 web.jpg (20595 bytes) DCP_1016 web.jpg (20083 bytes) DCP_1022 web.jpg (26693 bytes) DCP_1015 web.jpg (26032 bytes) DCP_1011 web.jpg (22105 bytes) DCP_1010 web.jpg (24710 bytes) DCP_1006 web.jpg (24606 bytes) DCP_1004 web.jpg (13181 bytes) DCP_1002 web.jpg (14582 bytes) DCP_1000 web.jpg (8481 bytes)
Dave Hunter sent me a copy of a short film that he took at Calder in 1971
I used a digital camera to capture these still images from the film (colour images above).  I then used Microsoft PhotoDraw to sharpen the image and correct distortions from the TV screen
Does anyone else have any old films???
B Bisselling Lotus 47 Winton web.jpg (28792 bytes) Dick Johnson John Goss Surfers 1974 web.jpg (14383 bytes) Denis_Geary_Lola_T70_coupe_Surfers_Paradise_1973.jpg (31649 bytes) Ross Mathieson John Gourlay Bowell Winton web.jpg (18964 bytes) Ross Mathieson John Gourlay Bowell Winton a web.jpg (26507 bytes) Latham Colliver Henderson Winton web.jpg (15402 bytes) Ian Woolley 6 Hr Winton 1973 web.jpg (22933 bytes) Jim Reddy Lotus 6Hr Calder 1976 File0001 web.jpg (34422 bytes)
The slides above contributed by Jim Reddy


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