Car Racing Photos - 1950's & Earlier

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Unknown6_Victorian_Hillclimb_Mid_1950s.jpg (27896 bytes) Ken_Arthur_Wylie_Austin_A40_Special.jpg (39828 bytes) 1945_MG_TC_Victorian_Hillclimb_Mid_1950s.jpg (30509 bytes) Unknown4_Victoria_Hillclimb_Mid_1950s.jpg (28879 bytes) Unknown3_Victorian_Hillclimb_Mid_1950s.jpg (29194 bytes) Jack_Maurer_MG_TC_Harry_Ford.jpg (34968 bytes) MG_P_Type_Victorian_Hillclimb_Mid_1950s.jpg (34640 bytes) 1934_Wolseley_Hornet_mid_1950s.jpg (27602 bytes)Unknown2_Victoria_Hillclimb_Mid_1950s.jpg (33199 bytes) Stan_Jones_Cooper-Jaguar_Victoria_hillclimb_1950s.jpg (27998 bytes) Unknown_Bill_Pitt_D-Type_Jaguar_Albert_Park_1956.jpg (25226 bytes) Sterling_Moss_Australian_Tourist_Trophy__Albert_Park_1956.jpg (22994 bytes) Stan_Jones_Cooper-Jaguar_Fishermans_Bend_Mid_1950s.jpg (23324 bytes) Stan_Jones_Len_Lukey_Cooper-Bristol_Fishermans_Bend.jpg (20750 bytes) Reg_Hunt_Maserati_250F_Albert_Park_AGP_1956.jpg (23817 bytes)Peter_Whitehead_Ferrari_Super_Squalo_Albert_Park_1956.jpg (25281 bytes) Reg_Hunt_Fishermans_Bend_Maserati_250F_1956.jpg (26314 bytes) Unknown_3_Fishermans_Bend_mid_1950s.jpg (23091 bytes) Possibly_Harry_Firth_Fishermans_Bend_mid_1950s.jpg (25459 bytes) Haig_HurstDelahaye_Coupe_Fishermans_Bend_1956.jpg (32795 bytes) Ausca__Austin_Sheerline_Ken_Wylie_Fishermans_Bend.jpg (23689 bytes) Unknown_Fishermans_Bend_Mid_1950s.jpg (21053 bytes)

  Contributed by Ron Rundle.  The photos were taken by his father. New - Some captions updated 23/7/04.
If you can help with identifying some of the photos, please contact me.  See bottom of page for details.

Stirling Moss Albert Park 2-12-56 web.jpg (21000 bytes) Stirling Moss Albert Park 2-12-56 File0006 web.jpg (19116 bytes) Reg Parnell Ferrari Super Squalo Albert Park 2-12-56 web.jpg (20533 bytes) Peter Whitehead Ferrari Super Squalo Albert Pk  2-12-56 web.jpg (21043 bytes) Otto Stone MG K3 Albert Park 2-12-56 web.jpg (18601 bytes) Lex Davison Ferrari Albert Park 2-12-56 web.jpg (20229 bytes) Stirling Moss Maserati 300s Albert Park 2-12-56 web.jpg (17511 bytes) Albert Park 2-12-56 File 0002 web.jpg (16970 bytes) Albert Park 2-12-56 File0004 web.jpg (22560 bytes) Bib Stilwell D-Type Albert Park 2-12-56 web.jpg (19185 bytes) Alta Holden Albert Park 2-12-56 (20555 bytes) Bill Patterson Cooper Climax Albert Park 2-12-56 web.jpg (17912 bytes) Albert Park 2-12-56 File0003 web.jpg (19132 bytes)

  Contributed by Laurie Glass

Eddie Perkins web.jpg (28277 bytes) Tillett - MG-TC web.jpg (23196 bytes) Race start web.jpg (17764 bytes) Port Wakefield web.jpg (23461 bytes) Perkins Porsche web.jpg (26288 bytes) Pace car 50s style web.jpg (27461 bytes) 10  W M Pile web.jpg (26372 bytes) Mc Mokkaly web.jpg (24179 bytes) Lotus 15 Jolly web.jpg (24017 bytes) K W Rilstone - Zephys Special web.jpg (15572 bytes) K R Fuss - JCW Special web.jpg (27721 bytes) J V Hawkes - Repco Cooper web.jpg (22586 bytes) K Lukey Bristol web.jpg (22886 bytes) K Luky Bristol web.jpg (20011 bytes) Goldfinch - Austin - Healey 100s web.jpg (25838 bytes) G T Havison (Black Bess) web.jpg (22935 bytes) G C Cooper - Austin 7 web.jpg (26615 bytes) A Lugate web.jpg (23721 bytes) 3 K R Fuso JCW Special web.jpg (24341 bytes) Clem Smith web.jpg (27806 bytes)

Contributed by R Gates.  The photos were taken by his uncle
The details included in the captions have been taken off notes from the back of the photos.  Details in brackets have been added by me from my limited resources. The photos are marked as being from the Grand Prix at Port Wakefield in 1955, however the competition numbers on the cars do not match the entry list.  If anyone can add any additional information, it would be appreciated.

UPDATE: David Shaw has kindly provide more information about these photos: "The set of photos provided by R Gates at the bottom of the Australia 50s and earlier page (which his uncle had mis-captioned as the AGP at Port Wakefield in 1955) appears to be the Wakefield Trophy meeting of October 13th, 1958. One big clue is that (according to John Blanden) Derek Jolly didnít land the Lotus 15 until late 1958. Going by the race report in AMS November 1958, all of these cars appeared at the meeting with a couple of exceptions. There is no mention of an A Lugate in an Austin Healey (could it actually be Lawlor), and the last photo of the 2 Holdens that is captioned as Clem Smith on the limit, I believe that it is Smith in the FJ behind with the missing front bumper. Of the limited photos in the review, the only photo which has a matching photo on your site has Kevin Fussí JCW Special, with the same #3"


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